Keeping Your Van Safe

Keeping Your Van Safe

If you drive a van for a living then you should take every step you can in order to keep it safe. Below are some of the best ways to do this.

Get the right type of insurance cover

The type of cover you need for your van will depend on how you use it. For example if you work as a plumber and only use your van to store your tools and getting to and from jobs then a regular van insurance policy will provide the level of protection you need. If though you work as a courier then you’ll want to get a special courier insurance policy that includes cover options such as goods in transit insurance.

Park securely

Parking your van securely is a must, especially when you’re at home. Vans that are parked on the street are at much greater risk of being vandalized or stolen than those that are parked on a driveway or in a securely locked garage.

Having someone secure to park your van will also enable you to get van insurance at a much lower price.

Drive carefully

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Something that’s easy to overlook when thinking about how to protect your van is safe driving. Safe driving is especially important if you use your van for work. Just taking simple measures such as reducing your speed, taking corners more carefully etc. will help to make your driving safer. It’s also never a bad idea to listen to relaxing music while behind the wheel since poor driving decisions are often made due to stress.

Remove any tools or expensive items

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Expensive tools and items such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. that are left in your van will certainly increase the chances of it being broken into. Very often thieves won’t be looking to steal your vehicle itself but what’s inside. You should therefore remove any valuable items from your van if you want to keep it safe.

Invest in security technology

Investing in the latest security technology is another good way to keep your van safe. The majority of newer vans will have alarms and immobilisers fitted as standard but if you want to make your van even more secure than you can invest in a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker will make it much easier to track and recover your van if it’s stolen.