Saving Money When You Have a Drink Driving Conviction

Saving Money When You Have a Drink Driving Conviction

If you have a drink driving conviction then you’re probably already aware of how it affects the cost of car insurance.

When you have a drink driving conviction it’s important to take any steps you can to lower the cost of car insurance to make things more affordable. Below are some of the best ways you can do this.

Get a basic policy

Getting a basic third party only policy is one of the easiest ways to save money on drink driving car insurance. A third party only policy is the lowest level of cover you need to make your vehicle road legal and it’s also the cheapest. If you don’t feel third party only is enough protection then you can add fire and theft to your policy.

Park your car safely

Where you park your car is one of the major factors that insurance providers consider when coming up with a price for car insurance. Therefore if at all possible you should try to park your car off the street since this will bump up your insurance considerably. A locked garage would be ideal but a driveway would help you to save money too.

Use a dash cam

A growing number of insurance providers are now providing discounts to motorists who use a dash cam. Dash cams have exploded in popularity over the last few years, in no small part due to the number of cash for crash schemes that have popped up. Always be sure to inform insurance providers if you use a dash cam because it could well get you a discount.

Pay annually

Another way to save money on car insurance that many people don’t consider is to pay for the policy annually rather than monthly. It’s true that this requires a significant payment upfront but the majority of insurance providers will offer you a discount if you choose to pay like this.

Make your car secure

Most modern cars come with an alarm and immobiliser as standard. If you have an older car though, it’s definitely worth having these security measures installed since they help to make your car more secure and reduce the risk of theft/vandalism.

Get quotes from a lot of providers

Perhaps the most obvious way to save money on car insurance with a drink driving conviction is to get quotes from as many providers as possible. Getting quotes is now very easy thanks to the internet.